Congratulations on your new purchase and thank you for choosing a Venini product.
Venini's warranty and customer care program is supported by Home Appliances, a supplier that brings a range of cooking brands to the market and specialises in providing expert after sales assistance to customers Australia wide.
As a valued customer of Venini and in addition to your rights under applicable laws,your appliance will be covered by our warranty (as described in the 
warranty terms) for the period of  2 years.

Please carefully read all the warranty terms and conditions.
2 Year Warranty 

Our friendly Customer Care team will take care of your Warranty enquiry. Please call 1800 444 357 or email service@hapl.com.au  
You will need to have handy the type, model number and serial number of your appliance as well as the date and place you purchased the appliance.

Proof of purchase will be required for the validation of all warranty claims. Documents suitable for proof of purchase include, but are not limited to the following:

Delivery dockets;
Retailer or supplier invoices;
Kitchen cabinet invoices that incorporate appliances;
Credit card statements where the purchase of the appliances are clearly depicted.

The inability to provide proof of purchase will lead to the claim being treated as a service call with labour and parts costs being born by the claimant. It is recommended to attach any supporting documentation to your warranty card and keep in a safe place for future reference. 
NOTE: There is no need to return this or any other warranty card to Home Appliances Pty Limited. Proof of purchase is the only requirement for warranty claim, please keep a copy of the purchase receipt with your warranty card.